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Simply Credit is a first of its kind product offering you the opportunity to assist and aid any person with our financial aid. Our services include monitoring of your credit health and if over indebted some relief with lower payment plans.

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Simply Credit assists clients with a process off identifying which credit provider is likely to provide a loan. We submit your loan application and manage the process, making sure that you understand the reasons why and how you deserve the best. Making Loan Applications more effective. Simply Credit has various suppliers that ensure we are now able to score and grant assistance for loan applications via our scoring systems. We are now able to grant approvals and feedback immediately once all applicants require our financial assistance, so make that call today and get your financial status positively enhanced.



This product serves as an “early warning” system to enable the member to protect them from identity theft.
Once signed up, the member will receive immediate alerts if any of the following occurs:
● Any enquiry, change or new use of the clients’ South African identity number with CIPRO
● Any change to the identity number with regard deceased or alive status
● Any change to the identity number with regard to marital status
● Any credit enquiry using the client’s identity number
● Duplicate identity numbers

This also includes pre-emptive notification to your mobile devise prevents unauthorised use of your identity. It stops the extent of the damage at its most powerful source which is credit applications done on your behalf.


In the event that the members’ bank account is being debited fraudulently or without their knowledge we will assist the member with the following:
● To contact the correct relevant institutions / persons
● To investigate all unauthorised debit orders
● To stop any unauthorised / fraudulent debit orders on the member’s account
● To assist the member with refunds where they are due


We reduce your monthly payments if your over-exposed.  We help you in conjunction with our debt counselling service providers to take a break and reduce your debt exposure .

It helps you and your loved ones to live again. Credit health starts

with a thought process on how many applications have been done on your behalf. For example when buying a car is it worth going to all the banks?


This service gives the Member direct access to the right resources at the right time in the event of an emergency within the Member’s permanent place of residence within the Territory, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
● Electrical assistance
● Appliance assistance
● Glazier assistance
● Locksmith assistance
● Referral Services

This assistance benefit is limited to the inside of the house only and excludes buildings or outhouses on the property. The cover includes the 24 hour telephonic dispatch of a service provider for the initial fault only. Any parts replaced and labour shall be for the cost of the Member Plumber assistance In the event of a plumbing emergency within the house of permanent residence of the Member, a plumber shall be dispatched. A plumbing emergency is defined as blocked pipes, burst pipes, geysers or other appliances where the flow of water cannot be stopped without the intervention of a plumber. Leaking taps are excluded from the cover.


The Member is eligible for the following services:
● Accident Towing
● Mechanical breakdown / Trade towing
● Special Request Tow
● Pothole Assist (Tyre & Rim Cover)
● Locksmith assistance
● Flat battery assistance
● Flat tyre assistance
● Fuel assistance
● Hijacking Assistance
● Transmission of Urgent Messages
● Driver assistance


This is an assistance service that provides the Member with the appropriate medical expertise 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
● Medical Advice
● Emergency Medical Response
● Emergency Medical Transportation
● Transmission of Urgent Messages
● Escorted Return of Minors
● 24 Hour Telephonic Referral
● Crisis, Trauma and Rape Line
● Repatriation after medical treatment
● Repatriation of mortal remains
● Inter-facility transportation


This is an assistance service providing the member with legal support and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
● 24 Hour Telephonic Advice
● Face to face consultation with attorney
● Standard Legal Documentation Assistance


Credit Health is one of the most important aspects of your working life and to maintain and keep it clean makes every decision you make count.

"A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life."
Suze Orman

Setup and registration takes up to 2 seconds and a few clicks and with instant activation once your information is verified.


Professional and easy-to-use monitoring of our promise, this is the most affordable way to remain safe.


Our core business is to make your experience world class and effective in your credit health journey and be proactive in response


Our responsive systems allow for immediate approvals and payouts.


We get the best loan provider that suits your profile. Saving you money.


The biggest question to ask is how much do you value your financial health, the cost of protecting it has never been more accessible.


Reduce your monthly payments, we have partnered with the best industry specialists in debt counselling.


Our service offering was built with your privacy central to the architecture, your information is 100% secure with us.


Choose best options that fits your needs


Our approach to partnership is simply trust.

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